Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - Sponsors Required!

Would your family like to bring the joy of Christmas to the less fortunate?  Most importantly, we want to ensure our Saint Vincent de Paul families have a good meal.  Can you help with groceries?  To accommodate a variety of food preferences and dietary restrictions, we suggest donating food gift cards from No Frills – the only lower cost grocery store within the parish boundaries.  For a family of 2 – 3, we typically recommend $75.00, a family of 4 would be $100.00.  Cards in denominations of $25.00 are easiest for us to organize.  If you would like to bring additional cheer by providing small gifts, then may we suggest giving gift cards from local department stores such as Walmart in denominations of $25.00.  This provides parents with the opportunity to purchase a gift for each member of their family. Donations may be brought to the church through December 15th.  To find out more about sharing the season with a neighbor in need, please leave your name and phone number on the Saint Vincent de Paul voice mail box 905-890-5290 extension 700 by December 15th and a volunteer will return your call.

Shepherds’ Trust

The mission of The Shepherds’ Trust is to help raise awareness and funds so that elderly and disabled priests are provided with sufficient financial resources to lead a dignified life after many years of ministry. The fund supports the needs of retired clergy in the Archdiocese of Toronto who have served our family of faith for many years. By supporting The Shepherds’ Trust, retired priests are given the dignity of adequate pensions, health care and other assistance in their golden years.

For more information about The Shepherds’ Trust please go to:

Your generosity on November 15th and 16th is deeply appreciated.


First Holy Communion Inscription Mass Times
          Nov. 2 St. Hilary &                       9:00am
                    St. Valentine School          
          Nov. 2 St. Gertrude &                    10:30am
                    St. Jude School        
          Nov. 2 San Lorenzo                     12noon
          Nov. 2 St. Veronica                     1:30pm
          Nov. 2 Others   (any of the Sunday Mass Times)

Confirmation Parent Meeting: Nov. 4 at 7:00pm